Looking outrageously sexy, here is the latest singer from Nollywood, Tonto Dike

See one of the best photographs of latest nollywood singer, Tonto Dike. Her songs, Get High 2 and Its Ova are rave of the town at the moment after over 500 downloads.She will be performing at the Nollywood Awards this month. What do you think about this photograph. Do you think she paints our character as an African queen. Let’s read your comments here. See how we feel about her music Get High 2.

The music “Get High 2” is all about Dike’s   personality what she wants to accomplish, that is push herself beyond the limits, feel free and fly like a bird.  She also presents herself as a friendly person who wants to be appreciated. Besides identifying herself as Koko baby, she makes it very clear that she is enjoying herself and then to self adulation, that she is the best, she is scintillating, highly rated and the greatest.

She also falls back to reality that in life you don’t have to be loved by all, you win some and you lose some, nevertheless, she is got high hopes for all.Duration is approximately three minutes.  Audio quality is good and her voice quality is excellent too.  She sounds like somebody with lots of potential for music. Dike seems to have used this single, “Get High 2” to get across to those who are probably envious of her success.

But in terms of quality, it is a beautiful piece of art that can be improved upon. Overall the single is above average and I think she deserves commendation as a debut effort.  She will however do better by putting aside personal differences, de-emphasize herself and use her music to rectify ills in the society.


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