Richard Amaechi is not new in the Actors Guild of Nigeria. He has also featured in a number of films. In this interview with Starconnectmedia, he bares his mind on trends in the industry during audition and what he feels can be done abo

Richard Amaechi, a Nollywood actor at Winnis, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

ut it.

There is Improper time-keeping and lack of punctuality. This African syndrome has eating deep into almost all facets of the industry. If audition is slated for 10 AM you will not see those who scheduled it until 12 noon or 1 o’clock because they feel it should be a  whole day’s affair. But for me time should be structured. So that you can say that today I have this and this to do then If I come out at 10 AM by then 3 or 4PM I should leave there but you could go for audition and 6 or 7 pm you are still there even if you faint on the audition ground you are on your own.

But that is not too bad because for an initial audition, if you who wants a job you come out, you find your transport and you go there and you take care of yourself . I don’t blame them for that, it is during shoot that you can talk about welfare but it will be a good thing if those established producers can also look into welfare of people during audition.


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