Mr. Paul Cypriano is a well known artiste. Beyond the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), he is a reputable artiste who has paid his dues. In this interview he tells Starconnect Media how producers and directors are killing the industry.

“I have always said that government has not come into the industry and we said we are N

Paul cypriano, an Nigerian actor, speaks to Starconnect Media on his frustrations with Nigerian filmmakers

ollywood, taking our name after Hollywood. Do they know what it means to be Hollywood or Nollywood? Government had to be there we should be a parastatal by now so that if you are an actor you should know your grade so that if you are doing a movie,  you will be sure of something not to be paid based on whims and caprices of the producers and the directors, that is the problem we have.

“ So they now go to the new ones who are just coming into the industry who don’t know their left from their right. Some are just there for the fun of it so if you pay them chicken change and they take it. That is why if you watch our movies this days, if you see the superstars you don’t see the ones who come after them like us anymore but the younger ones that can be exploited so that is why they give them sundry entertainment and they take it but to give them coaching, they are not doing it”.


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