Pascal Eronmose, winner GUS 9, take a pose with the gatekeeper’s fortune

Twenty-four year old Pascal Eronmose has emerged winner of Gulder Ultimate Search 9. He discovered the gate keeper’s fortune and will now take home the grand prize of N9 million in addition to N500,000 swagger allowance and the 2012 Sport Utility Vehicle(SUV) worth N20 million. Udodi Onyinye,  the last woman standing and first runner up will take a total sum of N4 million broken down as follows: Three Million being prize for first runner up and One million Naira as the last woman standing.

The last four stood out from the 12 contenders that made it to Usaka jungle in Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom State in the last 28 days. The other prizes are 3rd    2,500,000.00,  4th 1,800,000.00, 5th position:1,700,000.00, 6th 1,600,000.00, 7th person in the role 1,500,000.00, 8th :1,400,000.00, 9th 1,300,000.00, while the 10th position will take home 1,200,000.00 . The 11th winner will collect N1,100,000.00 while the 12th person will take home N 1,000,000.00

The “Gulder Ultimate Search”  started at the “mysterious Snake Island” next was the “meandering cold hills of Obudu”, and from there to”NIFOR”, the very humid forest that houses the Oil palm research institute in Edo state. Shere Hills” in Jos Plateau State was next, followed by “Awgu Hills” Mmaku, where the Contestants discovered the “Lost Chronicle”. It was also at Omodo Forest, Aagba in Osun State for the “Horn of Valour”, the year after the train was in Omo Forest, J4, in Ogun State to search for the “Ultimate Hero” before moving to Edo State in the hills of the Kukurukus, Egbetua Ososo for the eight edition.

Past winners are GUS 1: Ezugo Egwuagu – 3 Million,GUS 2: Lucan Chambliss – 5 Million, GUS 3: Hector Jobarteh – 5 Million + SUV, GUS 4: Dominic Mudabai – 5 Million + SUV, GUS 5: Michael Nwachukwu – 7 Million + SUV  and N500,000 wardrobe allowance, GUS 6: Uche Nwaezeapu – 7 Million + SUV and N500,000 wardrobe allowance, while Emeka Ike emerged winner in the GUS celebrity show. Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme was their guide throughout the 28th days in the forest.



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