Yoruba Video Film Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria(YOVIFPMAN)

Chairman YOVIFPMAN, Hon. Shola Awoleye and presenting the plaque to Executive Secretary, Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board, Otunba Dapo Awobotu

have conferred an award on the Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board (LAFVCB) for diligence and for operating an open door policy. Chairman of the marketers, Hon. Shola Awoleye presented the award to the board at a film forum entitled, “standardisation of the Movie Industry through promotion of professionalism and quality” put together by the Lagos board.

He said the marketers opted to honour the board for giving them a listening ear and coming to their aid whenever they are in need. The marketers equally gave an award in recognition of the efforts of the legal department of the board for offering free legal advice to the marketers.Speaking at the event, Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Censors Board, Otunba Dapo Awobotu called on practitioners to engage the right personnel in their productions adding that there must be a minimum standard of content for distribution. He explained that if all practitioners are aware that quality is a prerequisite for film distribution they will be forced to embark on production of only quality films.“So we must decide if it is standard Video Home System or High Definition”, he said.






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