Orits Wiliki, Chairman, MCSN

The Musical Copyright Society(MCSN) says it has filled a First Class suit before an Ikeja High Court, Presided by Justice Mohammed Idris against the Musical Copyright Society(COSON) from distributing the N100 million to musicians pending  the determination of the suit.

Lawyer to the plaintiff, Dr. Ope Banwo is quoted in the press statement to Starconnect Media that that some of the royalties to be distributed belonged to members of MCSN. Explaining the import of the suit Banwo said in the statement that the case will on determination put to rest who among the two has right to collect royalties for musicians. “MCSN is seeking to put an end once and for all the issue of who has rights to collect, and be paid for exploitation of musical works in its repertoire of works in Nigeria, by suing COSON and ALL copyright users as represented by the Defendants in the suit (i.e TV Stations; All Radio Stations; All Hotels; Clubs etc.) in ONE Class Action lawsuit”, the statement said. See Features for full text.


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