‘The rash of avoidable deaths and incapacitation from manageable ailments that have hit the Nigerian creative community in recent times are some of the reasons behind my total commitment to the big launch of the COSON Music Foundation in 2013’ so says the Chairman of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji.  According to him, a

COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji and DG, NTDC,Otunba Runsewe

COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji and DG, NTDC,Otunba Runsewe

ll over the country, there are very talented people from the creative community suffering from diseases that are curable or living in situations that are heart breaking and our nation appears unable to do anything about these situations. I agree that we will not be able to solve everyone’s problems but we should not be so handicapped that we cannot do anything for anyone. All we seem to do is to pray. Prayer is good but prayer without action is not good enough’

Chief Okoroji says, ‘despite the great passion that a lot of people have for football, I have met many who cannot stand football. Rice is probably the most loved food in the world yet there are people who do not eat rice. I have travelled round the world and I am yet to find one person who does not love music. As we begin 2013, I am going to beg everyone who loves music to contribute to the COSON Music Foundation so that we can prevent the untimely death of another music talent or give an opportunity to some indigent talented person to bloom. I intend to campaign every day and everywhere and we will turn hopelessness to enchanting smiles. I have no doubt that once again we will prove that complaining is not just enough, we can actually solve problems in Nigeria’ Details in Features.


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