Okoroji, singleChairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) Chief Tony Okoroji has cautioned people whom he described as trouble makers in the entertainment industry, warning that his organisation will return four slaps for any single slap received in the process of doing the job.

Okoroji who made the clarification in his New Year message to Starconnect Media said he has already given directives to lawyers and personnel throughout the federation.  “Let no one make any mistake – COSON has the muscle and in 2013 and beyond, we will defend the interest of our members and affiliates with no apologies to anyone. We will not be timid and we will not offer the other cheek when we are slapped, we will return the slap four times!”, he said.

He warned that those who confuse COSON’s decency for timidity are heavily mistaken. “My new directive to our operatives, lawyers and communications personnel around the country is to return at least four shots for every shot fired at COSON or any of its members and to do so in a rapid response fashion. In other words, even before the smoke has gone off the attacker’s arsenal, the response is on the way. We want it to be very clear that while COSON will continue to be fully professional, respectful and responsive, there will be heavy consequences for anyone contemplating or acting to undermine the organization”, he said.

He said the decision was taken to protect thousands of people whose future are tied to the continued progress of COSON, adding that he cannot allow the organization to become anybody’s punching bag.  “I know that a lot of people are eyeing COSON: habitual trouble makers, blackmailers and those looking for easy money”, he said, adding that everything must be done to protect the success of COSON and accelerate that success where possible.

Okoroji said 2013 will be a year of boom for entertainment adding that the melody and rhythm of Nigerian artistes will be celebrated in every continent on earth.

“This past year, practically, every major player in world music showed interest to invest in the Nigerian music industry. I have had the opportunity to speak with some of these organizations. It is clear that the progress COSON has made in collective management of rights is one of the major driving forces in the renewed interest in Nigeria”, he said stressing that the fact that it is now possible to receive royalties for music used in Nigeria is opening up endless possibilities for the Nigerian music industry.  “If they are properly structured, the new investments will result in better quality of life for our artistes, more income for the country and more jobs for our teeming masses”, he said.



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