Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman, COSON

Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman, COSON

CHAIRMAN COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF NIGERIA (COSON) Chief Tony Okoroji says his society hopes to license churches in the country in the nearest future to enable them pay royalties for use of music. Okoroji who spoke to Starconnectmedia in Lagos said his organisation will however do it with a lot of caution as a result of the sensitive nature of the issue, adding that it is the norm worldwide for copyright organisations to license churches for use music.

He said COSON is moving logically from one group to the other, adding that the organisation recently had a meeting with disc jockeys since they make use of music as part of effort to improve on revenue generated by the organisation. He explained that COSON will also make more money through renewal of licences to organisations previously licensed and that the society will also do more in the area of digital downloads, that is those who download digital music either for phones or other use as part of efforts to increase the revenue base of the society.


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