Peter Netzer, director, Child's Pose, holding the prize for best film

Peter Netzer, director, Child’s Pose, holding the prize for best film

Child’s Pose, a Romanian drama based on the efforts of a woman to cover up her son’s involvement in an accident today emerged best film at the Berlin film festival. “Child’s Pose”, directed by Calin Peter Netzer defeated 19 others to emerge as the best film.

Nazif Mujic who was featured as husband of the woman in the movie was voted best actor by the jury.  Paula Garcia was voted best actress. American filmmaker David Gordon Green was voted best director, for his superb skill in “Prince Avalanche,” a movie based on two road workers.

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi picked the best script award for the wonderful work he did in “Closed Curtain,” a film he co-directed with Kamboziya Partovi in defiance of a ban on filmmaking. The prize for outstanding artistic achievement went to Aziz Zhambakiyev for his camerawork in  “Harmony Lessons,” which centred on a teenager tormented by his schoolmates. The festival’s Alfred Bauer prize for innovation went to Canadian director Denis Cote. The winners were chosen by a seven-member jury led by filmmaker Wong Kar-wai.


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