Tony Okoroji, Chairman COSON

Tony Okoroji, Chairman COSON

Paul Play Dairo, Nigerian musician

Paul Play Dairo, Nigerian musician

Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), has cautioned Paul Play Dairo against taking any legal action against Ultima Ltd., and MTN Nigeria for alleged infringement on his copyright. In a statement to STARCONNECTMEDIA, COSON explained that Ultima Ltd., is without question one of the most copyright friendly organisation that has paid millions of Naira in copyright fees which it said have been distributed to various copyright owners in musical works and sound recordings, including Dairo.

“We wish to state that at COSON which is a public trust, we value the right of every copyright owner, including Paul Play, to legitimate remuneration. That is what we work for day and night. Before the recent emergence of COSON, music was used freely in public in Nigeria with little consequence. Every step we have taken so far is to stop this practice and to ensure that copyright owners get their due reward. It is however not our intent to shake down or harass organizations that are operating within the law. That will simply destroy the system we are trying to build and threaten the future of the industry for coming generations. Before this development, our officials had made strong efforts to resolve the issues with Paul who has collected royalties from the system on different occasions in the past”, the statement said. See features for Details


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