Ego Ogbaro, former dance and singer with Lagbaja

Ego Ogbaro, former dancer and singer with Lagbaja

EGO OGBARO, FORMER DANCER AND SINGER with Bisade Ologunde, better known as Lagbaja says she has to leave the masked singer so as to have her own identity. “I do not want to be forever known as lagbaja’s girl or Lagbaja’s wife or whatever.  I want to be known as Ego, for myself, for my music, known for what I am doing, not what I have done,” she said, adding that though being with Lagbaja was good, she has to move on with her own identity.

She said she was dating her husband, Niyi Ogbaro when the rumour was rife that  she was now married to Lagbaja. “We even met someone who said she went to their wedding, they gave us plastic and other souvenirs”,  she said. Ego who felt very disturbed about the development wondered why she was referred to as Lagbaja’s wife and lover just because she was singing and dancing with the masked man, when people who act together as husbands and wives in film are not classified as married couple.

“Why don’t you say somebody is dating the other persons just because they were acting it in film.  I think people actually wanted us to date, they liked that idea, and they have this romantic thing in their head”, she said, adding that she just released First Steps, a new album few weeks ago.


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