Chief Tony Okoroji middle in handshake with Adedokun

Chief Tony Okoroji middle in handshake with Adedokun

Association of Music Artistes Managers of Nigeria (AMAMN) has commended the Copyright Society of Nigeria(COSON) for delivering what it called greater dividends to the Nigerian creative community. President of the association,  Mr. Sijuade Adedokun made the remarks during a courtesy call at COSON headquarters in Opebi, Lagos.

“We are here to support the COSON mandate and forge a partnership with COSON”, he said.  in his response, COSON chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji urged the members of the association to maintain a high level of professionalism in their calling and be united by supporting their leaders.

“The youth are the future of the country. Artiste mangers are jack of all trade and master of all. The public image, acceptance or otherwise of your artiste is predicated on your level of management and professionalism. You must all be united and stand as one if you want your association to achieve its full potentials. You must support your leaders and never allow greed or any form of bickering permeate your association”, he said.



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