Governor, CBN

Governor, CBN

Governor Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has called on Nigerian youths to go ahead and form their political party if they wish to wrest power from the older generation, stressing that with 68 million youths, the Presidency is within their reach.

Sanusi who spoke at the colloquium: “Beyond merger: A national movement for change” to mark the 61st birthday of the former governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu said if the youths act on his advice,  may be he will be very happy to vote for a 38 year old President in 2015. The CBN governor who was replying to a presentation made by the R&B singer, Banky Wellington said it will be difficult for Nigerian youths to realise their tomorrow today in a country where politicians 73 years and above are seeking to actualise their aspiration using existing political parties.

“I like the passion but you know where you go wrong, you are waiting for Asiwaju to invite you to come to their meeting;  you want to be in there. Why don’t t you  set up your own political  party for the youth. if you have 68 million young people, if you have a youth party, with  68 million votes you win elections and then all these fellows –  all of us you see on the front role from Asiwaju to Fashola to Kabiru Gaya, they will be knocking on your door for ministerial appointment.

“For those of you who really think that the youths need to be in political position I  don’t think that in the currently political configuration, because the kind of names we are hearing  with the people who are going to celebrate their 73 birth day looking for election,  I don’t see any chance for that your tomorrow  coming out today. So if you want that tomorrow today, you have to create your own today. You guys here with your friends, set up your own political movement, and make your thoughts so indispensable that you agenda has to be the agenda of the government”, the CBN governor said.

 He explained that it is sad for people to begin to use countries like Ghana, Ethiopia as leading nations in Africa. “People talk about Ghana as an example in Africa, Ethiopia,  Botswana,   don’t we have a sense of self respect. We are giant, a giant with clay feet, we are eagle, eagle without wings. It is time,  for our dignity, we must begin to ask questions of political authority. Politics is not about joining a particular party, I am not a politician, I am not in a political party but I am in politics because bad politics will make for bad economics bad society, bad values and bad life. We need to improve on the quality of politics in this country, it will be good to make it sexy, but  I do hope it will not just be sexy, it will be more intelligent, more articulate, more issue based and I do hope that this  68 million young people that we have will set the agenda, will drive it and maybe I will be very happy  to vote in 2015 for a 38 year old President in this country”, he said. Sanusi who condemned members of the National Assembly for re-confirming politicians who have nothing to show in previous appointment attributed the development to lack of regards for merit and competence.

In querying the relationships between federal character and competence, the governor asked, “What is the relationship between the number of states in the federation and the number of minister to share at the federal level?  It is so unintelligent, so you must have 36 ministers whether or not you need 36 ministries and another six from different geographical zones and the only qualification is that you have to come from a state and you must have attempted WAEC”, he said, adding that in other climes such appointments are based on track records.

According to him, if you entrust you government to people who have not track records, it becomes Herculean to expect them to do things when they are there adding that there is a need to amend the Nigerian constitution to reflect not only attempt at the West African Examination Council(WAEC) but  track records.

The governor who said corruption is more prevalent in India than it is in Nigeria added that the different between corruption elsewhere and in Nigeria is that while the proceeds of corruption are invested in intervention that are good of the people, the same cannot be said in Nigeria adding that what is killing the country is the fact that people are corrupt and they are doing nothing.





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