Abike Dabiri

Abike Dabiri

Chairman House Committee on Diaspora Matters, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has called on Nigerian youths to form a movement that can influence change in Nigeria. Dabiri who spoke in Lagos said the youths have the power, the energy and technology to bring about the needed change adding that it will be counterproductive for them to just sit back complaining and expect the needed change to take place.

“You can’t sit back and be complaining; take control, ask questions, demand answers and seek performance from leaders”, she said adding that such a movement will be in a position to influence decision by setting agenda for political parties”. She explained that there are such pressure groups in America that hold leadership accountable for promises made.

“I saw that in America. You have strong pressure groups who decide this is where we are going, and when they decide, they hold you accountable for what you promised to do. So it is not about forming political party but about forming movement that will set an agenda and align with any progressive party of your choice that is how to bring about change”, she said.

On the question that Nigeria lacked leadership who can mentor youths, she said what exist in the country is positive God-fatherism, which she said is about selflessness and a leader whom the youths can look up to, adding that Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu represents positive God-fatherism.


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