Friday 12, April, 2013: PERRY ON THE TALK



13:00, M-Net West Africa (101)

Friday 12 April 2013: EVERYTHING MUST GO

21:30, M-Net Movies Premiere (103)

Nick Halsey, relapsed alcoholic, comes home to find his wife has kicked him out of their house, leaving his possessions strewn across the lawn. He holds a yard sale and meets a neighbour who may be able to help him turn his life around.

Saturday 13, April, 2013: FOCUS: NNEKA

12:00, TRACE Urban (325)

Saturday 13, April, 2013: HAUNTED LOVE

19:00, AfricaMagic Entertainment (151)

ini Edo, in Hunted Love

ini Edo, in Hunted Love

The film which features, Ini Edo is about a lovelorn man that endures the harrowing pain of breaking up with his wife.

Saturday 13, April, 2013: SO YACI GARI

21:00, AfricaMagic, Hausa (156)

Caught up in a broken marriage, Boudah plans to restore his relationship with his wife Rashida

Saturday 13, April, 2013: NASCA NATIONWIDE SERIES

12:30, ESPN (230)

Saturday 13, April, 2013: PELSWICK

14:55, KidsCo (605)

Saturday 13, April, 2013: BPL: EVERTON VS QPR

14:50, Select Sport (233)

FA Cup: Chelsea vs Man City

Saturday 13, April, 2013: TRANSPORTER

19:15:  FOX (125)

Sunday 14 April 2013

21:00 | M-Net West (101)

Densel Washington

Densel Washington

A rogue CIA agent is captured and remanded to a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa, where a rookie operative presides. When the facility is attacked by mercenaries, the two must stay alive and uncover who wants them dead. Starring Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost, Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston and Vera Farmiga as Catherine Linklater

Sunday 14 April 2013, TRAPPED IN THE GAME

21:00 | AfricaMagic Entertainment (151)

Lisa wakes up one day to discover everybody in her life including her husband, Shiek, best friend, Chloe, and colleagues were all planted enemies.

Sunday 14 April 2013, SUITS

19:00: M-Net Series Africa (114)

Sunday April, 2013: MR. BEAM

The Animated Series

17:30 | BBC Entertainment (120)

Sunday 14 April 2013, Chelsea Vs Man City

15:55 | SuperSport 3 Nigeria (223)




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