Reel tape

Reel tape

There are openings for actors and would-be actors this week to earn a living by featuring in a number of upcoming movies. To start with you will need to be physically present for auditioning sessions scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 through 18, 2013.  If you are interested be present at May Sun Hotel situated at 23, Babalola Street, Off Fakoya, Shasha, Egbeda, Lagos. Time is 10AM.

Virgin Productions will also audition same day for Pensioners, at 11b Adekunle Banjo Avenue, Magodo Phase II, Shangisha opposite the Lagos State Secretariat. You also have the privilege to attend another auditioning session to test your fitness on Thursday, April 18, 2013. On this day, Besthy Associates will screen potential actors for the upcoming movie, God’s Handiwork at Calabar Hall, situated at 25, Ajao Street, Surulere, Lagos at 10AM.



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