Okey Bassey

Okey Bassey

Nollywood actor and comedian, Okey Bakassi says keeping his family outside the shores of Nigeria keeps him busy 24 hours, seven days a week to be able to pay their bills from Nigeria.

“The thing is that my family abroad leaves me with bigger responsibility. Ask anybody who has a family abroad, he will tell you it’s  tough, especially when you do it  with money made fro hustling. I don’t rob neither am i into oil and gas, nor do i have a godfather that gives me contract or that throws money  at me. You have  your wife and kids abroad; just to maintain them pay mortgage, pay other bills from Nigeria is a tough challenge that can keep you busy for 24 hours”, he said, adding that each day he wakes up and remembers the enormity of the responsibility he just has to be focus to succeed.

“There is no other thing that can keep you focus than  when you know you have  three lovely children looking up to you and you have a wife who is expecting you to be the man of the house”, he said.


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