Steohenie Okereke

Steohenie Okereke

NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, Stephanie Okereke says that men lust after her so much that some  keep calling her and giving all sorts of reasons to be with her.  She said some even call, just to seek her consent for a dinner among others.

“Men will call you all the time.  They want to have dinner, they want to meet you, they want to marry you. They want to want to do all kinds of things, I think I have a lot of them coming after me”, she said in Lagos adding that she has been able to control the myriads of calls by politely turning down their numerous offer.

“Just like some will call you  and say, her, can i see you and i will go like, sorry, I am busy, I am working and you can’t see everyone, may be you are walking somewhere, and someone says, hi, I was the one that called you the other day, and you are like hi, how are you doing. You just talk to them politely, that is just it”, she said.


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