Kenny Ogungbe

Kenny Ogungbe

Afam Ezekude

Afam Ezekude

Tony Okoroji

Tony Okoroji

Chief Executive officer, Kennis Music, Mr. Kennis Ogungbe is bitter that that the Nigerian Copyright Commission(NCC) has approved just one Collective Management Organisation(CMO) for Nigeria, stressing that monopoly will not assist the cause of musicians but that it will endanger their welfare. Ogungbe who is also General Manager of Raypower,  said even though his music outfit has churned out over 80 albums he is yet to collect a dime in the name of royalty, adding that the best bet is for the NCC to approve multiple CMO so as to create room for competition and choices for musicians.

Ogungbe who spoke at the Nigerian Entertainment Today(NET) conference in Lagos  said he is not interested in going to court so as not to destroy what he laboured to build.

“In Nigeria today I stand to be corrected for the past twelve to thirteen year, Kennis Music brought out over 80 albums, there is no radio station in Nigeria that did not play any of those songs. It may interest you to know that some of the artistes, recorded, promoted shot video for were paid, but as I am speaking to you Kennis Music has not collected a penny from anybody because there is a problem.

“You can say go to court now, I cannot be part of what I helped to built to now come around and break it, I may not talk, because I am too old now to come and start blabbing. And you know what, I get alert, we are sharing N 1 billion today…. it is so easy, and the good part of it is that they announce it they send email out and many of us are part of that society. If in Nigeria, we have MTN, we have Etisalat though Saka don port. So if we have all these, how can we as musicians or as producers benefit if NCC is saying we can only have one person to collect for 140 million, which to me is a No.

“ And some of us are automatically in jeopardy.   I will explain, our works  are registered internationally and you can only work with that international company,   you sign a contract all of us are not 419ners.  So for you to respect that you have to work with that company affiliated to that international company. If you don’t,  once you go they will cut you contract off and you can never behave in the biggest league of the world. So issue of collecting society is a problem and there are many DGs before the current DG, I met the current DG and I told him Mr. DG the problems in your hands are not the problem you can solve but I pray that almighty God should please grant you wisdom to sail through. Many DG have passed through there, they did not live comfortably, the first DG died in the office, I did not pray for anybody to die, I am not God. The DG before the current DG got humiliated out of office and now the case is in the court but the fact remains that musicians are suffering. Some say let’s do one so that we can have all the money. But media practitioners are saying no, we want to compete, we want to know what you own, we want to know how much you want to charge, we want to compare apples with oranges, who ever can give me the best price then I will fly with you. It goes on to say that government agencies should rise up”, Ogungbe said at the Nigerian Entertainment Today conference in Lagos.


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