Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar

Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar

Dr. Chimeze Osuigwe, a retired Vice Principal in Imo State has been arrested by members of the Nigerian Police Force on suspicion of murdering his 78-year-old mother in 2003.

She was arrested when a family member discovered the embalmed body of the septuagenarian in a cupboard in his house.  Musa Katsina, Commissioner of Police in Imo State,  said the woman, Lucy Osuigwe, was declared missing since 2003.

Katsina who spoke to journalists in Ejemekuru in Oguta Local Government Area today said the embalmed body had been kept in that condition since 2003. “The corpse of Mrs. Lucy Osuigwe, who was declared missing in 2003, was found in a large cupboard inside a shrine in a private room in a circumstance depicting ritual practice.  The embalmed body, which was kept in that condition for about 10 years, is believed to have been placed in the wardrobe by her son, Dr. Chimezie Osuigwe, alleged to be a devotee of the Guru Maharaji Sect.

“Preliminary assessment of the scene of crime revealed that the woman must have been murdered by the son for ritual purposes.”

The commissioner said that plans were on to arrest other members of the sect who visit Osuigwe’s shrine adding that the body would be handed over to the forensic team of the command to determine the cause of death and that thee suspect would be held for first degree murder until the cause of death was established.


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