Nollywood actress, Ayo Mogaji

Nollywood actress, Ayo Mogaji

Nollywood actor, Jibola Dabo

Nollywood actor, Jibola Dabo

Nollywood actor, Jibola Daboh has broken his silence on why she broke up with star actress, Ayo Mogaji. He explained that though they had a kid together, there was no love in the union. He said they tried to make the marriage work but it was difficult hence they decided to go their separate ways. “That does not make anybody bad. Her ways are different from mine. I have got some things she does not like and she got some I don’t like. So we said, ok, let it go”, he said.

He said her smoking and drinking habits were enough reason to halt the union since marriage is about living together.

“I   never told her to stop drinking. I said stop getting drunk.  There is a big difference. I buy beer at home and drink but I don’t get drunk.

On his clean shave and white hair, he said, he used to have curly black hair but found out years later that he was growing bald. “I did not want to struggle with this and I took it out and it looked good on me and I still look good on it. If I dye this, what happens to me? It is my nature and this gave a lot of my colleagues the mind to leave their grey hair the way it is and stop dyeing. It is my brand and who I am. However, in the movie I can change the shape of my hair and colour it, if they want me to be a younger person, I will do that because I am an actor who can go from 20 years to 90. I have developed myself as a versatile actor.




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