Pa James,

Mr. Kayode Olasehinde,Pa James in Papa Ajasco Show

Mr. Kayode Olasehinde better known as Pa James in Papa Ajasco Show says one thing he hates about filmmakers who have specialised in Yoruba genre is that they use and dump people. Pa James who is also known as Ajirebi said the filmmakers dump the artiste once they starts demanding for higher fees.

“They will patronise you and offer peanuts but the moment you demand for higher pay,  they will abandon you”, he said adding that by so doing, the filmmakers water down the content of their films. He said that acting has gone beyond just offering transport fare to artistes as inducement since  they are family members  saddled with heavy family  responsibilities.

Pa James said it was not by his power that he was not affected when all his colleagues were eased out of Papa Ajasco show for some time.

“It was just God, one thing in life is that one should be patient. The saying of the old ones is that a patient person can cook a stone till it gets soft.  Everything is not money, you might be offered big money but the aftermath of it might not be too good. It doesn’t mean that I am not money-conscious too but thank God that for everything and whatever the issues were, they have all been settled”, he said


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