Fashola on the podium, addressing the audience at LASU in an occasion to mark 2,200 days in office

Fashola on the podium, addressing the audience at LASU in an occasion to mark 2,200 days in office

The Lagos State Government said yesterday that it has spent a total of N237, 609,000 on scholarships and bursaries on 3,013 students of Lagos State origin in tertiary institutions worldwide in the last one year.

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola made the revelation while speaking at the Lagos State University (LASU) campus, Ojo, as part of activities to mark his 2,200 days in office. Of that amount, he said N41,635,000 was spent on1,385 LASU students, while N33,690,000 was spent on 907 Lagos state students in other universities, adding that N2,460, 000 was spent on 109 college students. Besides, he said N32, 200,000 was invested in 140 students in the Nigerian Law School and 21 Students in the Maritime Academy.

Fashola explained that N87, 500,000 was spent on 390 Lagos state students in other tertiary institutions across Nigeria, while N37, 124,000 was spent on 11 students in schools outside the shores of Nigeria. The governor explained that in the last 100 hundred days his government has vigorously battled crime and security, adding that recent reports show that things are getting better.

“In addition to the security reports, our security agents and agencies have become more pro-active. We have published security tips for citizens and we are translating them into the 3 main languages. Our border patrols have been intensified to ensure that only law abiding citizens enter our State.

We continue to monitor and raid known dark spots and criminal hideouts”, he said adding that, 360 suspects have been charged to court, for possession of drugs or other dangerous weapons.  “We have also successfully impounded large amounts of drugs and arrested the merchants of such drugs which are used to fuel crime”, the governor said.

Speaking on the recent increment of school fees in LASU, the governor said that any school that is created only for the poor is no school since the rich will take their children elsewhere as a result of fall in standards. He said LASU is now ranked 11 out of 129 schools in Nigeria, while all the courses but one are now accredited by the Nigerian University Commission(NUC).




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