Reel tape for making celuloid

Reel tape for making films

Exactly 40 films were released by Film and Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN) with effect from Monday, 10th, June, this week. They include Agony Price  by Ariscole; Trouble Maker by Imperial Pictures; Azonto Game and Azonto Wahala by Olitraco: After Kiss by Gold Pictures; Humble Victory by Wazico Movies; Yankee Students by Actor Rich; Levels Don Change by Divine Touch; Reign of Terror by De Blessed; Girls on Point by Prime World; Secrete of the Soul by Actor Movies; Return of Sherikoko  and Delilah by Onye Eze; Money After Money by Mega Movies; My Secret by Dezeen and Bloody Night by Trust in God.

others are Endless Night by Sam Civic; Key Tomy Heart by Iyke Merchant; Glamour King by Film mark; Vengeance of Bullets by Duke Ventures; Akazu Diya by Danga Movies; Anger of Wealth by Bright Future and Sexy Wizard by Divine Merchant.

Also in the list are Baby Okun in Hotel by Gold Mart;  Days of Joy by Vin Martins;  Me Against the world by Royal Future;  The Place by  Densiot Production; Onye Nzuzu by  Paulsco International; More than a Girl by Oakfil Movies; Clash of Powers by  El-shadai; My officer at the top by Global Update;  Krakas Babes by Andy Best; Tempest by  Social Movies;  Agony of Marry by Sam Gold Production;  Sweetest Taboo by  De Kross;  The Cannibals by  Sam Gold Productions;  Bedroom Harlot by Vin Martins;  Plot of Vengeance and I Shall Not Die by Gold Mart and Daddy’s Girls by Bright Future and Actor Rich.


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