Hafiz Oyetoro better known as Saka

Hafiz Oyetoro better known as Saka

Comic Actor, Hafiz Oyetoro, better known as Saka says he will not stop his children from going into acting if they so desire. The artistes said the decision is strictly for the children to make.

“I will like them to to choose the career they prefer and encouraged them to actualise it rather than dictate to them. I do not regret any going into theatre arts.  I only want them to make decision on their own”, he said.

Saka explained that though he is fragile he remains rugged having been toughened physically and spiritually while living with his uncle. He said that some of his siblings who could not cope have to run away.

He said he was so disciplined that he became so timid that he could not relate well with people in school. “When I got to the university I had the problem of relating with people.  I had the problem of sharing ideas; I had the problems of looking into the easy of people. Indeed I had lost my confidence. I had inferiority complex”, but he said adding that he met Mr. Chuk Mike an American lecturer in the university who took him on speech therapy for four years before linking him up with Dr. Oluwole a  psychologists who succeeded in effacing timidity from his personality.

He described himself as loner who neither drinks now womanise. “When I am not working I share my spare time with my family”, he said.



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